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14 songs. You can play some here, on myspace or cdbaby.

Who's Flying Our Plane?

Good Times




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Living With War

Playing In Traffic (archive)

Me on vocals, guitars, harmonicas, etc. Help on some of the songs from:

Dennis Davis – keyboards on “I’ll Be Home Any Day”, “Good Times”, “Stop This War”, and bg vocals on “Any Day”. *** John R. Keller – banjo-guitar and bg vocals on “Any Day” *** Rick Screensava – electric bass on “Any Day”, “Good Times”, “Stop This War”, “Out Out Out” and “Who’s Flying Our Plane?” *** Dave Cohen – drums, Vince Maghrouni – horns & harmonicas, and the Corner Chorale (Shae Popovich, Gloria Hyland, Liz Flores, Jocelyne Fine, Matthew Tiffany, Anira Wetzel, John Gaby, Michele Hutchins, Steve Fenton, Ian Roessle, Reb Moshe and Herschel Shorr) on the same four songs. *** Brad Stanfield – electric guitar and tambourine on “Stop This War”.


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